Wrong Term Memory

Wrong Term Memory is almost as good as an encyclopedia… One that hasn’t been particularly well proofread or spell-checked (kind of like Wikipedia). Jack & Colin will teach you something you definitely didn’t know when you started listening. Jack has a terrible memory. Colin reads a headline and often guesses the rest. Therefore, at times, they will get help from the more sensible, sagacious people in their lives. With, or without assistance, they guarantee to improve your memory – at least in the short-term – for the wonderfully pointless things in life.

New episodes every Monday, with the occasional bonus thrown in because the guys are properly sound.

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About Jack and Colin

Jack and Colin have been hosting and producing podcasts for the last five years. Both of the guys had (and still do have) their own shows on Heart and Hand’s Patreon network before deciding to produce together around four years ago, They have never really looked back, to be honest, launching Wrong Term Memory in October 2020 and Quite The Thing Media in February 2021.

The guys can be found on Twitter… @QTTmedia, @WrongTermMemory, @Jack and @Colin

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