What Does SMH Mean? A Movie Podcast

Stephen Purdon, star of BBC Scotland’s River City, loves movies. Jack Shaw and Colin McMillan join him to discuss some classics. There will be guests, insider knowledge, nostalgia, trivia bad language and laughter. Will the lads accept some of the one-star reviews from around the internet, or will it just make them angry that some people have internet access? And, finally, will they answer, ‘what does smh mean?’

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About Stephen, Jack and Colin

Stephen Purdon is on the BBC in River City and hosts some other podcasts too.

Jack and Colin have been hosting and producing podcasts for the last five years. Both of the guys had (and still do have) their own shows on Heart and Hand’s Patreon network before deciding to produce together around four years ago, They have never really looked back, to be honest, launching What Does SMH Mean? A Movie Podcast in May 2021 and Quite The Thing Media in February 2021.

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Twitter is the only social network you will find the Scottish podcast network, the podcast, Stephen, Jack and Colin using to interact with you guys.

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What Does SMH Mean - A Movie Podcast