The Way Podcast

The Way Podcast is about sitting down and talking with the experts. Each episode is a casual conversation on a new topic coming from the best sources. There’s always a balance between a discussion and an interview (think Joe Rogan mixed with 60 minutes). 

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About Bill

I’m Bill and I host The Way Podcast/Radio Show. I’ve always been interested in learning new thing. Wether it’s Daoism, Black Holes, History, or whatever, in my free time I would dive deep to try and understand whatever interested me that day. Mix this with being told I’m a generally friendly person and developing a habit to hear people’s life’s stories after just meeting them… I decided to combine the two and create a radio show. After going through studio training I figured why not also make a podcast out of this. Now here I am, I produce The Way and love talking with the people I talk to. It takes a lot of work but I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

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