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The Way Podcast Joins The Network


Today we expand the network with another American show - The Way Podcast - and fill another space in our special interest section with a show covering a range of topics. From Death Row to the deadly MS-13 gang, China to a Venezuelan Coup, The Way Podcast has us covered.
We are looking forward to working with host, producer, editor and creator Bill Troveski as he brings us an expansive range of subject matter from all over the globe.
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Jack Shaw
Founder, Quite The Thing Media

The Way Podcast was made to allow our listeners, everyday people, the chance to listen to experts share their experiences, knowledge, and accounts of specialized topics and events. The interviewees are hand chosen individuals who are specialists in their fields. While personal bias does not exist in the show, there is no deficiency in asking hard questions, posing counterarguments, and fact-checking in order to augment the depth of the content discussed. Information is delivered in an informal style tone to maintain an easy going and down to Earth approach. Each week we will be interviewing a new professional about a new topic to keep the show diverse.