That Future Podcast

‘Funny,’ ‘hilarious,’ ‘hysterical,’ and ‘witty’ are all words that we’re sure will subsequently be used to describe this podcast.

Season one of That Future Podcast focuses on the future of gaming – specifically Artificial Intelligence (AI), Virtual Reality (VR), direct brain-computer interface (BCI) and Cloud Gaming (no abbreviation).

We speak to comedians from the United Kingdom, the United States and Australia to try and decipher if our thoughts and worries about the future are shared or more nuanced and specific to where we live. We will also answer the internet’s worries as we dive into the important questions that people are asking on some of the many public forums available on the world-wide-web today.

Episodes will be released (weekly) in pairs so you can compare and contrast the differing views of each of our guests side-by-side.

If you enjoy futurology and full-proof advice then this probably isn’t the podcast for you.

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