A Fair World part 3.

Back in the main room, Gi-hun notices there’s something wrong with 001 and realizes that he has a fever. He helps the old man lie down, and Sae-byeok gives him a bottle of water to help lower the fever.

Gi Hun puts the old man to bed and Sae- Byeok takes over his card duty. He thanks her for the water, she tells him he must pay her back the following day.

The Dr freaks out again when asking what the next game is and discovering the guards still don’t know. He snaps and takes a guard hostage with a scalpel demanding they find out the next game for him. A fight breaks out and the Dr ends up killing one of them and escaping the room away from the other one – this is visceral and *synchronisation bell* mirrors 101’s kills so far.

Jun-ho follows number 28 through the game complex up to another secret room with scuba-diving equipment and an underwater tunnel. Along the way, he continues to raise some red flags for 28, they pass a bomb and it’s mentioned the place is rigged so that VIP’s could exit safely in an emergency and blow the whole place up behind them. 

These tunnels must have taken years to build – this is not the only ‘clue’ that these games have been going on for a long time…

Jun -Ho asks who the VIP’s are, but doesn’t get an answer. Upon reaching the secret room, the guard pulls out a knife at Jun-ho and asks who the VIP’s are, noticing the different voice he demands to see his face. Jun-ho obeys, but pulls out his gun and tells the guard to take off his mask as well. 

Now both unmasked, he confronts the guard about the so-called “zombie” with one kidney, who he believes to be his missing brother, who has given him a kidney in the past. 

The guard assures him that the zombie couldn’t possibly be Jun-ho’s brother, since it was a woman whom they all took turns raping before the organ harvest.

He also reveals that there are files at the Front Man’s room containing information on all the players. As Jun-ho is about to lower his gun, the guard says he can keep the money from the organs if he wants to. Disgusted, Jun-ho shoots him in the head and starts climbing back up the tunnel.

In the game complex, the doctor runs through the staircases, chased by the surviving triangle guard. The two of them arrive at the huge playground from the second game, and the guard tries to negotiate with the doctor, claiming he can go back to the main room and that no one has to find out about their scheme. 

The doctor then asks, “How can I trust a scumbag like you?”, prompting the triangle guard to put down his gun and take off his mask. Seeing his former associate’s face,  “Now you see we are all the same here”.

The doctor feels more inclined to accept the other man’s terms, not knowing that he’s about to get stabbed in the back – literally. But, before the triangle guard makes his move, the Front Man comes in, followed by a group of square guards, and shoots him in the head.

A triangle in Squid Game podcast

The Front Man accuses the organ harvesters of tainting the game, violating the most important aspect of this place, the  principles of equality and fairness that guide it by giving one player secret information. He departs in search of the other rule-infringing guards, leaving the doctor to be killed by one of the squares that followed him in.

The Front Man and his minions find the bodies of the dead triangle and circle guards. Upon noticing all the diving equipment and oxygen cylinders are still in place, the Front Man realizes the circle guard’s killer must still be in the game complex. And, indeed, Jun-ho is at the Front Man’s room, looking for the files number 28 told him about.

Clues here that the Front Man might be a former police officer? His forensics and Sherlock Holmes like examination of the room and cylinders .

The Front Man examines the bullet that shot 28 and an alarm goes off, waking up players and guards alike, Jun-ho finds a room full of binders dating back as far as 1998 (I think it’s 1988). He looks for information on his brother in the 2020 binders, but finds nothing.

In the main room, the guards walk in, guns in hands, ordering the players to get up and gather in the middle. They all obey, except for 001. A guard approaches him, and Gi-hun shouts out that he is sick. Disregarding Gi-hun’s comment, the guard pulls off 001’s blanket, revealing he has wet himself.

“A Fair World” ends with Jun-ho finding a small gift box in the archive containing a list of all the game’s previous winners. His brother, In-ho, is listed as the 2015 victor. He goes to the 2015 binder and, inside, he finds his brother’s file. These winners are the winners of ‘Round 6’.

This raises an important question: if In-ho won the game, why is he missing? Did something happen to him afterward? Are the game masters telling the players the truth? Or is it Jun-ho that should be wary of his own flesh and blood? As the credits roll, we are left with the feeling that it isn’t just Deok-su that should think twice about who he trusts.

Questions, Queries and Theories

Dom on email

Just a quick line to say what a great job you two are doing, dissecting these episodes. Every edition of your podcast is eagerly anticipated. I was really into Money Heist on Netflix and didn’t give Squid Game a second glance, but once I had finished watching that, I thought I’d watch the first episode to see what all the fuss was about and I am glad I did. And it’s subtitles all the way for me, never English dubbing! And now for a few theories…

  1. You touch on numbers a lot, but on the matter of 187, 87 is an unlucky number in Australia as it is 13 off 100, so could 187 also be unlucky given it is 13 off 200?
  2. People have been speculating whether Il-nam is Gi-hun’s father… but what about if he wasn’t his dad but actually his grandfather instead? I don’t know how old either man is, or how old they are supposed to be in the series, but it could throw an interesting twist into the mix.
  3. And it’s interesting how Deok-su’s number is 101… surely more than just a nod to Room 101 – which refers to a torture chamber in the novel 1984 – given that character’s particular make-up? Keep up the good work

Alistair on Twitter

Do you think the intention was to always have only one winner? No. of winners was never mentioned by the folks who run the squid game. How many players would have come back if they thought there was only going to be 1 winner? Definitely not 187/201