A Fair World part 2.

At the control room, a square guard watches as the doctor and a triangle guard move through the colorful maze of staircases, Just like last time he erases the footage afterwards. No keyboard or mouse, Erase is just a round button.

Again you see the guards are similar to the contestants in that just after the contestants bedtime, they are all sent to theirs. 

The square guard in the control room does the same with the two circle guards we will soon find out are number 28 (Heo Dong-won) and Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon), pretending to be number 29.

Luck (bad luck normally) shines through here for Jun-ho – if he wasn’t 29, he wouldn’t be able to do much of what he does in this episode as it seems to be a small team that are the organ thieves.

The two walk down a secret flight of stairs and arrive at an improvised operating room, though not before 28 scolds Jun-ho for not having shown up the previous night, telling him the others wanted him dead. Any other nonsense and he is out. 

In the operating room, Jun-ho finds a pile of bodies inside gift box caskets beside a table that is being used by the doctor to cut a man up.

This episode could be called “Jobs” as we find out some of the staff’s real jobs – 28 and 29 are professional divers. So, were they picked somehow because of their skills to get the organs off the island? We find out more about people’s jobs throughout this episode.

Two triangle guards watch over him, and one of them complains about 29’s absence the other night. Number 28 comes to his defense once more and changes the subject telling the doctor to hurry up. The Dr tells them he is sleep deprived and escaping death every day. He reminds them that they provide him with information on the upcoming games in exchange for his work.

Through most of remaining episode, “A Fair World” goes back and forth between the barricade and the improvised operating room. In the first location, there’s a dramatic moment when a hand appears next to Gi-hun’s throat but it’s just Sang Woo waking him up for guard duty. 

The circles, triangles and squares in Squid Game

Gi-hun and 001 take over Sang-woo and Ali after their shift ends. Deuk -Su is prowling around, nervous and can’t sleep, Gi -hun has done a number on him here,  he again asks where the Dr is.

Back in the operating room, the guards offer to help, The Dr takes offence at their thoughts that they could do what he trained so hard for. We find out the doctor has killed a man by malpractice, which probably led to him losing his job and his money. There is a throwback to episode one – a staff member says, “they have signed their bodies away” – so were the gangsters Red Light, Green Light in on this somehow?

Gi-hun hallucinates (clever use of a daydream, rather than a dream sequence?) a smoke bomb being thrown inside the room and policemen appearing out of the blue to beat up a group of people. One man crawls over to him and calls out his name before receiving a blow to the head. Do you think this is an early type of PTSD?

Gi-hun tells 001 a little bit about his life (and job) before the game, more specifically about a strike he took part in at a car factory where he used to work. After being unjustly fired, He had worked there for more than a decade (work ethic, steady wage this sounds like the start of his downward spiral)  The workers occupied the factory the same day Gi-hun’s daughter was born.

Player 001 claims he saw the strike on the news and remembers that someone died in the occupation. The (he doesn’t though does he, he just knows Gi-hun’s file yeah?)  This is a throwback to episode 2, Hell, in which Gi-hun’s ex-wife accuses him of having missed their daughter’s birth, and Gi-hun says he saw a friend of his die on that day.

The guards chat about the people whose organs they harvested, calling them zombies, and a story about someone with one kidney draws Jun-ho’s attention. One of the guards also talks about his dream (lots of dream references here – Sang-woo thought Gi-hun was having a bad dream earlier too). 

Jun-ho asks what happened to the player with one kidney and raises suspicion, but, luckily for him, the doctor gets mad at all the chit-chat and tells the guards to shut up. The organs are put in big delivery bags that are taken away by Jun-ho and number 28.

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Recently started listening to this podcast after searching for an episode by episode deep dive. Great insight and commentary. Look forward to the rest of the season. And the Scottish accents make it exponentially more fun… Question: If X (you know exactly who I’m talking about) and his team had lost at tug of war, do you think X would have died? Bearing in mind the false result of the next game.