A Fair World part 1.

Squid Game episode 4 ended with a big cliffhanger, episode 5 begins with people falling off that cliff. Sang-woo comes up with a last-minute plan and his team wins the tug of war. Somehow he convinced everyone to take three steps forward to force the other team to the ground.

This is still tense after my thoughts on the ‘cliffhanger’ – I was surprised on the re-watch.

The camera pans over the whole team, lying on the platform, out of breath, but there’s no joy, no celebration at this point, just the reality on each of their faces that their actions have just killed the other team. With no dialogue it’s one of the few times the actors have used their faces to tell the story and it’s excellent. 

Did you notice that Player 001’s hand is the only one covering the rope – hiding something?

The camera pans over them lying there some more and deep in the image you also see the other team all dead on the floor below. There are no winners.

The forklifts are even pink.

After winning the game, the team goes back to the main room as the guards clean up the blood  and bodies of the opposing team from the floor. But tensions rise even before they get to the playroom’s first floor, in the elevator that takes them to the platform. 

Player 244 drops to his knees, praying for the Lord that has allowed them to live, and annoying 240 in the process. Player 240 says he should be thanking Player 001 and Sang-woo, and not God, and mocks 244.

A slight majority of South Koreans have no religion. Buddhism and Christianity are the dominant confessions among those who affiliate with a formal religion

Sae-byeok tells the two of them to shut up, and refuses to tell 240 her name when the girl approaches her, trying to chat.  “My name doesn’t matter, just leave me alone.”

As the team of unlikely winners arrives at the main room, Deok-su and his men stare at them. Mi-nyeo, especially, exchanges very menacing looks with her former lover and team leader. Deok Su’s team are jovial, happy, celebrating, deep in chat after their victory, quite the juxtaposition from our heroes. 

More shots of bodies being scooped into coffins, blood and remains being hosed down into drains. BLACKPINK (red)…

Meanwhile, in the furnace room, the circle guards are burning the bodies of the deceased. One of them, however, signals at the security camera, and, from the control room, a square guard releases one of the gift box caskets before activating the fire. The casket falls to another room, where two triangle guards open it up and find an unexpectedly dead man inside, prompting them to call the doctor. 

The coffin was marked with the cross we had seen before so this guy was alive when put into it but has died since going into the coffin. 

Back in the main room we get a player and prize update… 40 players and a 41,600,000,000 prize.

Quite The Thing Media: A Squid Game Podcast

Mi-Nyeo is the quickest to snap out of the gloom, eating a corn on the cob (another awful meal) and leading conversation on the highlights of their win – references the Matrix with the old man

The Matrix Reloaded is 11th in South Korean Box Office for Hollywood films.

Sang Woo gets praise for his idea. Ali questions her saying she cried earlier and was the most scared, he gets a bit of racism back asking if he has a visa and saying he is an illegal alien. She then asks them if they should ditch the foreigner and get rid of him.

Mi-Nyeo’s use of nicknames reminds me of Sawyer, an asshole, from Lost – she calls Sang Woo, “Mr Brains”.

She suggests a restructure and asks who the captain is, Sang Woo tells her they are a team, there is no Captain.  Sang Woo references that the other team got a bunch of big men ahead of the Tug of War, almost as if they knew.

“Bedtime” is announced, and Gi-hun and Sang-woo’s team fear another fight might break out during the night. Showing everyone he has learned nothing from the previous game, Player 196 says they have no hope of surviving an enemy attack, considering they have three women and an old man in their ranks.

Echoing his partner’s concerns, 244 suggests that they should pick a weaker team and attack first. Once more, player 240 is not having it, and neither is Sae-byeok: she recalls seeing a man murdered by one of his own allies in the other fight and asks the rest of the team if they trust her, because she definitely doesn’t trust them.

It’s Gi-hun that comes up with a solution for the problem: instead of attacking others or waiting to be attacked, they should build a barricade and take turns standing guard to make sure they’ll all live to see another day. As they put up a structure of bed frames and sheets. What do we think of this plan?

Deok-su approaches Gi-hun and tries to scare him, saying the barricade won’t stop him from killing them. But Gi-Hun outsmarts by asking him if he can really trust his own team, claiming that, if he was one of Deok-su’s minions, he would take the first chance he got to off his boss, considering he’s the game’s perceived strongest player.

Looking concerned, Deok-su goes back to his side of the room and tells his men to rest for the night, but not before noticing the doctor’s absence. Potentially the first sign of weakness in the games we have seen from Deok-Su. 

At the barricade, the first two on guard duty are Ali and Sang-woo, who bond over shared food and Ali’s life story. Still thankful for the help Sang-woo offered him when they were taken back to the city and for what happened at the tug of war, Ali offers the former businessman a corn cob he saved from his dinner.

Sang-woo speaks of ‘betrayal’ here… really? We find out Ali is 33 years old: The Master Number 33 represents pure love. Its heart is made of nothing but bright, warm light and the universe has trusted it to shine this light on humanity. The Master Numbers each have a responsibility to the greater good and it’s the 33’s responsibility to support and uplift humankind and bring compassion to the world.

Sang-woo splits the corn cob in two and tells Ali to stop calling him “sir”, officially turning their relationship into a friendship of sorts instead of a mere bond of gratitude.

Questions, Queries and Theories

Gavin on Twitter

Hi Guys,

I’m rewatching the episodes and then listening to the pod afterwards.  

During the killing game episode you mentioned the front man is watching the chaos on the infrared camera.  Did you notice at the start on the infrared cameras two of the people have triangles on them.  Then when 001 is up the top shouting he is scared he has the triangle on him.  Another hint about the old man being watched and maybe protected during this scene?  Also was the other triangle on 456? 

Have a look and let me know what you think! 

Love the show!

Cat  on Twitter

Just finished your last episode of “Hell”, and re: Pamela’s question, I’m Korean and ABSOLUTELY eat ramen uncooked! Crush up the noodles and shake them in the bag with the seasoning, it’s like ramen flavored crisps! It’s a childhood favorite.