Squid Game episode 4 round up part 2.

The guards are seen moving the bodies around and into the incinerators.

In the infirmary, Jun-ho switches out his mask for a square mask, disguising himself now as a supervisor.  Nice scene where he is asked why he isn’t doing his job then horror from the guard when he realises he is questioning a supervisor. Our man Jun -Ho shows his smarts here reminding the triangle that he shouldn’t be speaking unless spoken to. 

Gi-hun approaches Player 067, “Hey Pickpocket!” Gi Hun is so cool, She later reveals her name as Kang Sae-byeok (Jung Ho-yeon), he invites her to join him and his group tonight if anything happens.  She says she doesn’t trust anyone in there, Gi Hun tells her “we don’t trust people because we want to, it’s because we don’t have anyone else”

In the hidden room where the guard led Player 111, Player 111, a doctor, is secretly harvesting organs for a group of corrupt guards in exchange for information about the games. 

You learn here that the guards involved in this are scanned for their numbers and 29 hasn’t shown up… 

The average price of a human dead body is more likely to fetch around $550,000… 

The guard tells him that the staff purposely reduced the food rations so that the players would turn on each other, leading to a fight that will take place tonight. They need to reduce the numbers before the next “game” He tells Player 111 that if he wants to survive the night, he must “stick with the strongest team.”

Later, Player 111 finds a piece of paper in his egg with information on the next game – the biggest mystery of the show so far…   He approaches the baddies and asks to join saying he is a Dr and they might need him. He is told by Deok Su to sit in a corner and say and do nothing or else he will come for him,  111 desperately tells him he knows what the next game is hoping that will save him. 

The tannoy alerts the guards to get to the location – first time we have heard them referred to as Managers, Soldiers and Workers? 

Back in the main hall, Gi-hun, Sang-woo, Ali, and Player 001 agree to stick together tonight because it is clear that Deok-su and his crew are planning something.

This is terrifying, there’s a countdown from 10 then the lights go out, As expected, chaos erupts the minute the lights go out that night. All while the front man observes using infrared cameras. 

At the start of the murder ‘game’, there were 107 players.

  • 107 exists with numerology energy that nudges them toward material success

Deok-su sneaks out of bed with a broken bottle and stabs the female player who grassed on them for skipping the dinner queue to death while the rest of his team follow suit.

It’s been quite dark in the room so far but at the Front Man’s request The lights flicker in a nightmarish sequence, dark, pitch black, lit up, cycling through as the players all fight to the death, screaming in fear as blood spills while the Front Man (Lee Byung-hun) and the rest of the guards silently watch from behind the scenes.

All I could think about is how someone with epilepsy could die from it.

Dark du attacks Kang Sae-byeok (the second woman in a row he has gone after) she has her knife and together with the threat of that and a kick in the balls gets away from him. 

Player 456 Squid Game podcast triangle staff member

Gi-hun is attacked and looks done for until the team save him, he then races to find Player 001, who is nowhere to be found. Sae-byeok joins him in the midst of the fight. Gi Hun almost immediately saves her from being stabbed and we have a goodies v baddies fight on our hands. Ali at the front with a massive metal bar. 

The Front Man declares the game is over when Player 001, who somehow made his way to the top of the highest bunk, cries and pleads with everyone to stop. The game finishes, and Gi-hun and his team have made it out alive.

One of the big clues we all missed is that player 001 is in charge of things here. 

In Battle Royale one student tells the teacher that if he keeps killing them as a demonstration they won’t have anyone to play their twisted game.

Or is the front man waiting to get to 80 people for the tug of war game?

Now, the number has trickled down to 80.

  • 80 is pragmatic. And efficient. 80 can manage people effectively for achieving a common goal, and to naturally see the steps required to get things done. It resonates with inclusiveness, realism, and balance.

As the guards make their way around the lobby identifying the dead, Jun-ho approaches Gi-hun and quietly asks him if he has seen a man named Hwang In-ho. Gi-hun tells him that they don’t know each other’s names.

Afterwards, Gi-hun and his friends decide it is time to share their names. He, Sang-woo, Ali, and Sae-byeok all officially introduce themselves, Ali asks player 001 his name “what is your name Sir, if you don’t mind?” but Player 001, either traumatized by the bloody events that have just transpired, or suffering from memory loss due to his ailing health, can’t remember his name at the moment.

Player 111 has convinced Deok-su to let him be a part of his team after telling him that he knows what the next game will be. As he is tending to Deok-su’s injuries, Player 212 affectionately calls Deok-su “babe” and implies he join her in the bathroom where they have sex in one of the stalls. A truly awful sex scene with him sat on the toilet pan and her on top of him.

Afterwards, she tells him that she knows he and Player 111 are hiding something and asks him if he will stick with her until the end.He promises, she asks him his name, and then tells him that if he betrays her, she will kill him.  Fore-shadowing bell!!  They go at it again, great stamina after a fight and 2 eggs tbf. 

While Jun-ho is lying in bed that night, he again hears coughing from the next room over. He realises that the coughing is morse code for the number 29, the room he is staying in…  and the missing worker… 39% phone battery here btw.


Drew (from Australia)

  • In episode 3, I haven’t heard anyone question why the guard who is forced to remove his mask and shown to be so young, is a Square. How has he risen to that rank and does this shed any further light on the structure of the guards.