Squid Game – “Stick to the Team” part 1.

Following the honeycomb game in Episode 3 of Squid Game, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Episode 4 packs a punch with two games.

Both present the players with a completely different — but equally fucked-up — challenge: a challenge of the ability to murder… and another of strength.

Episode 4 of Squid Game picks up right where the previous episode left off at the end of the honeycomb game. Player 111 (the doctor – Yoo Sung-joo) is led by one of the guards down to a secret area as another guard in the control room sneakily deletes the CCTV footage.

Meanwhile, the rest of the players file back into the dormitory. Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae), Player 199, or as we later learn, Ali, and the elderly Player 001 are relieved to see that they all made it out of the honeycomb game, but Gi-hun seems to suspect that Sang-woo was keeping something from him – he keeps it to himself for now. Possible first use of flashbacks in the show to remind / show the viewer what he is thinking here?

Sang-woo looks simultaneously relieved and guilty when he sees that they all survived – his smile says it all here… He tells Gi-hun he is sorry that he suggested they split up. Gi Hun gives him a look but then says it’s ok, how could he know. Ali is absolutely delighted to see his friends have made it back. 

As all of the remaining players gather in the main lobby, the results of the honeycomb game are announced. Out of the 189 players that were left before the game, 79 were eliminated. 

  • 79 tends to be tolerant rather than confrontational because tolerance provides more opportunities to learn and confrontation tends to focus on only one thing

With the conclusion of the game, 7.4 billion was added to the grand prize, a now whopping 34.8 billion. The players then get in line for a rubbish, little meal of one single egg and a bottle of juice.

A triangle in Squid Game podcast

Player 101, or as we learn later in the episode, Deok-su, is furious about the meagerness of their meal when Player 212 Mi-nyeo — clearly still plotting and scheming her way into Deok-su’s team — she comes up with a plan for them to cut in line for a second helping of food, leaving five players at the end of the line without a meal.

The show makes a point here of showing the front man observing all this on CCTV, this is quite deliberate for 2 reasons, 1 to show that nothing that goes on in that main room isn’t observed and 2 that he doesn’t care what they do to each other. 

One of the players, the nameless Player 271, furiously tries to take Deok-su’s drink when he finds out that they got in line twice, causing the bottle to fall and smash. Raging, Deok-su beats the player to death as the guards silently watch, with no motion to intervene.

Kang Sae-byeok is shown here for the first time looking pretty vulnerable and concerned compared to her stand offish and confident outlook we had seen previously. 

We see one of the things that despite his obvious flaws has drawn us all to Gi-hun, he makes a stand to the guards, furiously asking them why they aren’t doing anything, he refers to Deok Su as a bastard, and looks up to the CCTV camera demanding to know why nothing has been done.  A good man, with a good heart. 

The board announces that Player 271 is dead as piles of cash pour into the pot. Is this deliberate? Do they want the players to see the benefit of reducing their numbers?

Guards move into the room with a coffin to clear the body.  The camera pans across our heroes each showing looks of dread and realisation that now the games aren’t the only time they need to be in fear of their life, the camera closes on Deok Su who sniggers evil henchmen style. 


Drew (from Australia)

  • I’d like to hear your thoughts on why Ill nam ‘coincidently’ runs into Gi Hun at the bar in episode 2. The storyline of the show plays out as a happy coincidence but given what we know about Ill nams true identity, if curious as to why he would seek him out.