Final part of The Man with the Umbrella podcast.

The red suits enter the arena first… a playground. Then, the players come in. They have to pick a shape, either a circle, triangle, star, or umbrella.

Does Sang-woo know what the game is from the clue from 067 about the sugar? Or just the shapes here?

Gi hun asks Sang Woo if they should pick the shape together as a team, instead of sharing what he has worked out he keeps it to himself the bastard.  Gi Hun even refers to him as a genius for this. 

Ali picks the circle as it reminds him of the moon where he is from.

Seong chose the umbrella because his mother chastised him for losing one when he was young. The players’ new mindset is, “if I mess up, I die.”    Sang Woo has every opportunity to influence him here but doesn’t. 

The editing is tight, with proper suspense, as each player takes their tin and opens it, confirming what Kang likely saw was the red suits making.

They must cut their shape out with a needle in ten minutes. They begin, hunched over the floor, the red suits roaming with guns. When a mistake happens and the first person is shot, everyone has to find a way to focus, to save their life as people are murdered all around them.  The deaths are brutal here, the split second realisation that you have fucked it then boom dead.

Sang-woo and Ali first… winners are told to leave the arena.

If this is a heavily surveillanced facility, why did they miss the two contestants using the lighter under the slide? Do they allow the benefit as a survival of the fittest instance? Or are we supposed to believe the guards didn’t see them?

If this show is an allegory for the ruthless, competitive nature of capitalism, then cheating to get ahead would naturally be overlooked

There were no explicit rules saying that lighter, saliva etc. aren’t allowed in the game

Jun-ho is caught by another red suit in the arena too early because he is meant to clean-up-dead-bodies after the game only and shouldn’t be there yet.. Jun-ho says he was confused and is told to stay after the game; someone will talk to him about this confusion.

The circles, triangles and squares in Squid Game

When Gi-hun’s sweat hits the wafer, it melts, so he begins licking it. Han wins, using a lighter to heat the needle and burn away the edges, then eats her star in a red suit’s face before handing the lighter to Jang in an effort to maintain that proposed alliance. Other players see Seong licking the wafer and begin to as well.

The music starts playing; most of the remaining players are now licking the wafers as people around them are being shot.  Music is fantastic during this and throughout.

Would you have believed before watching this that a show after 3 episodes could build this much tension and fear over characters licking biscuits?

A player goes mad and stabs a red suit in the eye with the needle. He threatens to kill the red suit he holds hostage. The other red suits calmly turn to the losers and shoot everybody in one move; we see a close-up of blood dripping off the swings. The player, more shaken, demands that the red suit he has hostage take off his mask; “You’re so young,” says the hostage-taker. “How’d you end up like this?” Then, he kills himself.

Good for that dude that went out swinging??

Front Man (Lee Byung-hun) enters the arena, killing the red suit the player held hostage. Front Man reminds his team that once someone knows your identity, it is over. As the coffins are brought in, Jun-ho picks up a square mask of the red suit who was killed… and the episode ends.

Is survival as easy as switching your identity, though? And to what end? To get ahead a little more in the game, prolonging your own death? But for how long?

Questions, Queries and Theories (#QQTs)

David – At this point,,, Never been so happy for 001 to still be in the game, I thought he was going to get eliminated here. Also for 199. They’re both just very wholesome people!

The Man with the Umbrella round-up

Who is the Front Man and how that all ties into this game though is a mystery, but it’s undoubtedly an interesting one. The cliffhanger leaves the door wide open for more though so let’s call it day here and we’ll be back next Tuesday.