Squid Game episode 3 round up part 2.

The players start to find teams. Seong Gi-hun (Lee Jung-jae) gets Cho Sang-woo (Park Hae-soo), Ali Abdul (Anupam Tripathi), and Oh II-nam (O Yeong-su) on his team. Sang Woo tells Ali off for calling him sir, there’s a bit of discussion around the subtitles / dubbing not being truly accurate and  rather than don’t call me Sir, he actually says I am not your superior. Interesting one as in the outside world prior to this that’s exactly how he would have seen himself compared to Ali.

Covered this a bit with the morality / grey area chat… don’t think it’s that black and white and that’s the point. There are only two contestants that are on the opposite ends of the morality spectrum. And that’s the old man (or Ali as we find out?) (morally good) and the tattoo’d thug (morally evil). Everyone else is shades of morally grey.

Han Mi-nyeo (Kim Joo-ryoung), the episode’s best character (IMO), thinks that partnering with Jang Deok-su (Heo Sung-tae) and his crew will be good for her. She asks, and they humiliate her. 

They eat and Gi Hun tries to reminisce with Sang woo about elementary school but he wants no part of that conversation, instead tells him to concentrate on the game, first sign of Sang Woo being so determined to get knowledge and hack the games so to speak, but also a sign that he perhaps already considers his past as dead, and doesn’t want to think of those times. 

The big shift in this episode is the red suits are the same as the players, as they shuffle through the hallways, are served food in small, tin trays, and addressed by a woman’s voice on speaker: “The day’s work has been completed.” They also have a clock in their rooms, demanding the length of their activities, as the players do when they are playing their games. The red suits are also identified by number. Their rooms are like jail cells. 

Jun-ho, in number 29’s room, realises he needs his mask off to eat. He takes it off… if he does anything different, he will draw suspicion. There are red suits in the control room watching the red suits in their rooms; everyone is watching everyone.

Han needs to pee… this is a fantastic scene. “Hey, Triangle- get me your superior!,” she shouts to the red suit, who won’t let her through. Kang shows up at the last minute, saying she needs to go, too. In the bathroom, Han takes a container of cigarettes out of her vagina (not a knife or anything?!), and Kang shows up at her stall. She hoists Kang up through the vent to investigate. So much overacting here from Han even screaming with pain as Kang is on her shoulders. While Han keeps the red suit out by feigning diarrhea, more overacting. On the over-acting, the actress had only ever done theatre work before this and I think that shows. Kang slithers across the air vents and finds the red suits cooking a greenish soup, pouring in a white substance. The Triangle Man on watch, as Han calls him, eventually barges into the bathroom and their stall.

Dalgona (Korean Sugar Candy) Recipe… 

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Han says this is sexual harassment, screaming that “once I get out of here, I’m going to sue you, bastard.” Consent has been weaponized against the players since the beginning so Han reverses this (more synchronisation).

This is the first time a player has indicated that they will get revenge.

Weird how the vent never popped up in the storyline after this one scene. Just felt out of place, always thought they would return to it.  She had left a screw loose for supposed access. 

In his jail bed at night, Jun-ho (red suit 29) is taking notes about what’s happening. “Deserted island, abductions, surveillance, and masks,” he types into his phone.

It’s an obvious take that Squid Game is a critique of capitalism, this being an extension of its extreme, nightmarish possibilities…

This lesson here from Jun-ho is about the power of the mind, the successes and fallacies of individual thought, and how individual thought becomes collective for positive or negative ends.

Breakfast time, milk and a croissant type thing, 001 compares 456 to his son with a sentence that sparked a million internet theories.

Ali gets extra breakfast from Gi Hun and Sang Woo he is so grateful, calls them both “son”. 

The doctor (111) picks apart his food, finding a small piece of paper that says “honeycomb.” Something insidious is revealed about the order and depth of the games here — the red suits are tagging some player’s food with reference to the next game, feeding the players the possibility of their death. Most of them are still eating when the announcer says the second game will begin shortly.

Not sure if it is exactly here… 001 says something like “my wife used to make the same exact lunch back in the day.” That is weird. Same with him having a cognitive problem, yet also vaguely recalling something about this honeycomb game. Won’t be surprised if the game master magically ends up being 001’s angry child or something… Some of the stuff player 001 says is too eerie/much of a coincidence.

Questions, Queries and Theories (#QQTs)

Graham – I kind of think there’s some kind of Stanford prison experiment type of thing going on with how the guards are seemingly being handled just as much like subjects as the contestants/prisoners.

The Man with the Umbrella round-up

The game was tense this time around, while Joon-Ho’s inclusion helps to see a little more of what goes on behind the scenes and how these staff members are also prisoners themselves. There’s a really interesting dynamic here – as discussed, the staff are part of a hierarchy too.