Squid Game – “The Man with the Umbrella” podcast part 1.

The Man with the Umbrella picks up with the players returning to the game as the camera scrolls over the Hyundai people carriers carrying them, gassed as usual, onto the ferry that takes them to the island. 

Jun-ho (Wi Ha-joon) finds his way onto a van and, in the ferry, kills red suit number 29, taking his circle shape mask and uniform – showing he’s badass. This is Jun-ho’s key to infiltrate the hellish game and is the first insurrection of the episode.

On the barge, he fakes seasickness to explain his tardiness.  You get your first glimpse of the guard’s life so to speak, he is immediately questioned about speaking without his superior giving him permission. 

Someone capable has entered the games! However, a loose button is dangling from his overall. I spotted the loose button and at first thought that it was going to cause him issues but then had the thought it was just so you knew which one he was when masked. A bit like Finn’s helmet in Star Wars. 

Once he’s inside, we watch him struggle to fake his way through the pink guys’ various protocols—where to go, when to speak, what to do, and so on. During the second game—more on that coming soon—he simply says he got confused. The episode ends with an implied threat that he’ll face some kind of consequence for that confusion. All in all, it’s a high-risk venture.

The addition of the policemen is one of my absolute favorite aspects of the show! He’s smart, ruthless where he knows he needs to be and it really helps to highlight more questions about how the organization works. Most survival series keep the inner workings of the organization a big mystery and although there are definitely many questions still we get to see both sides of the games from the player and worker’s point of views!

Squid Game podcast - shapes

There are tons of staff working on this island, and they silently work to strip down each candidate before placing them in the dormitory. 

You see during this scene that the contestants are stripped of every part of them here, clothes, shoes, watch, purse, bags, phones, everything basically, you go into this game seemingly on a complete level playing field all the same. 

Kang Sae-byeok (Jung Ho-yeon) puts a pocket knife into one of the red suits’ pockets while they are undressing her, then takes it back once they’ve put on her uniform… She is so good.

Sang-woo had voted to continue the game originally, the only one of the four “friends” to do so. But when he got out with Ali, he gave him money to get home. I don’t really see that as a super giving/generous thing, but rather a man who feels he has nothing left so he may as well give his cash to another guy.  Gi Hun calls Ali his angel. 

187 out of 201, return (interestingly, 187 in the California penal code means murder).  93% of players returned, how tragic. 

The numerology energy represented by the number 187 resonates with introspection and looking out to determine the next goal. It is an analytical energy with a tendency to go it alone.

The numerology number 93 resonates with creative expression of concerns and solutions for humanity. The numerology number 93 is also a social number.

Questions, Queries and Theories (#QQTs)

Hi Jack and Colin,

I am one of your listeners on your player 456 podcast and love to hear you guys talk about Squid Game. So far, every opinion you have had on each character is exactly the same as mine…..but with a Scottish accent (Which is definitely a good reason to listen!)

Nothing makes me smile more than every time you speak about our Sweet Ali though. Ali the Angel. He became my favourite the very moment he saved Gi Hung from falling in the very first episode. 

Sae byeok is not just pretty, she is absolutely beautiful! I love her character. Just not as much as Ali. No one beats Ali. As for Cho Sang woo…he can go to hell.

I look forward to listening to more of you podcasts

Shannon (from Essex)

Steven – I noticed that the games themselves don’t take much screen time at all and it’s the story/characters and their actions outside of it that keep me even more intrigued. And despite how short the games are, man are they nerve wrecking and got my heart beating like a drum every second of the game!

The Man with the Umbrella round-up

The third episode of Squid Game starts to deepen the ties to this game. Gi-Hun is turning into quite the player. It also seems like the doctor (111) has got inside help, and could well turn out to be one of the wildcards of Squid Game. It’s very sneaky the way he’s been playing, feigning ignorance and obviously receiving inside help.