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We are excited to be joined by Agent Scott & Cam the Provocateur, hosts of the brilliant SpyHards Podcast on Quite Thing Media as we are expanding our collection of podcasts further into TV and Movies.
If you haven't checked them out, you will find them in all the places you would expect to find a podcast. They also have their show page over on the network's podcast page - where you can find their socials, website and latest episodes.
British podcast network king
Jack Shaw
Founder, Quite The Thing Media
SPYHARDS goes deep undercover into the shadowy world of cloak and dagger cinema on a mission to determine the greatest spy films of all time. With assignments ranging from Bond to Bourne, Harry Palmer to Hitchcock and beyond, the duo recruit guest operatives to help determine which movies belong on their prestigious NOC List, a curated collection of the genre’s finest entries.
Plus, in their bonus SpyMaster Interview series, they debrief the talent behind your favourite silver-screen espionage tales. So make this show your top priority or risk being left out in the cold