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The Skrufy Podcast

Exactly what the doctor ordered!

Three Broskis chill out, poke fun and talk ISH about the goings-on in the world, Nothing serious have a laugh and try to survive another week. 
We are football fans and wrestling geeks! 2/3 are Pokémon and Marvel fanatics. 1/3 is religious (not Scientology) the other 2 would rather believe Thanos will be here this year.   
The pod began with myself Scott and Mr Lee two mates who’ve had each other’s back for a decade and well we think we are funny! so to help with the mundane life of lockdown and to boost our spirits we started a podcast. 
A few months go by and we bring in Japanese Jack (he’s not Japanese just lives there) a Broski who brings a great element to the pod, he’s also funny!
We hope you enjoy and have a Skrufy day!!

Co-Labs: A New Way To Create

Co-Labs: A New Way To Create
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