Skrufy Podcast

It’s just what the shrink ordered. 

Skrufy podcast is a weekly comedy show where three broski’s chill out, poke fun and talk ish about the goings on in the world. Nothing too serious we just have a laugh and try to survive another week. 

We are unscripted, unfiltered and unedited and we don’t always agree with each other. We mainly cover current events, politics, sport, movies, tv shows, wrestling, marvel and Pokémon. 

We try the odd stand up routine here and there and we do an awful lot of improv, send us a topic and we’ll make you laugh.  

So grab yourself a cold one from the fridge, crack it open, put on your headphones and laugh along  with us. 

Have a Skrufy day.

New episodes every Monday, with the occasional bonus thrown in because the guys are properly sound.

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About Scott, Lee and Japanese Jack


The resident athlete, meat aficionado, hip hop enthusiast and part time scotsman. 

An ex professional wrestler with a record of 0-0-0. Injured before his breakthrough. Plays football like he’s Ronaldo but holds his drink like a teenager. Never sure if he wants to be a rapper or comedian but his quick wit will have you laughing. Pokémon and marvel know it all. Sneaker head, Jordan’s over Yeezy’s.


A football purest and a self proclaimed greatest drummer on the planet. Not much offends him other than a colour and boring people. 

Dreams of being a footballer but the standard “bad knees” troubled him and stopped that at a young age so he became a world class drinker and high level darts player. He will make you laugh but offend you first! Oh and he’s a ginger Christian, but we’ll let you decide if he’s going to heaven or hell.

Japanese Jack

Born and bread in England with a football brain and not a bad baller on his day. Moved to japan to become a teacher, no we don’t know how he’s kept his job either. He loves to make people cry, will argue King Kong is not a gorilla and chase criminals from subways all whilst collecting Pokémon and being a marvel fanatic! 

Has the best white man afro on the eastern hemisphere and as quick witted as Pikachu is yellow.

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