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"Shiny Things Podcast comes highly recommended from another networked show - Crime & Compulsion. Expanding the True Crime section of our network was something we were excited to do! I'm massively into true crime and was excited to get to work with Kim and Kelly.

You will find Shiny Things Podcast links and their socials on their network page!"
Colin - co-founder of the UK-based podcast network
Colin McMillan
Co-founder, Quite The Thing Media

Shiny Things Podcast is hosted by best friends Kim & Kel. Join them each week as they explore everything from true crime, missing persons, unsolved murders, and some paranormal stories. They also enjoy sharing fun facts about everyday life, and of course serial killers. Sometimes, they lose focus and see shiny things, but get back to the topic at hand. If there is crime to be researched, they are all about learning and sharing the story with you each week.

They also like to help families of missing persons. They interview the family and/or friends to get the missing loved one’s information out to as many people as possible to help bring the missing home. Join them every Thursday for a new episode. So pour a glass of your favorite adult beverage, relax, take a load off and let’s all discover what the heck is going on in the world.