Scottish Murders

Hi Wee Ones, Scottish Murders is a fortnightly true crime podcast hosted by two Scottish sisters, Dawn and Cole, focusing entirely on murders carried out in Scotland or involving Scottish people. Just like anywhere else in the world, scratch a little below the surface of bonnie Scotland and you will find some of the most evil of killers lurking. Dawn and Cole explore these well-known and not so well known, solved and unsolved murder cases with respect and empathy, but also inject a little bit of humour when appropriate.

Scottish Murders not only produces episodes every two weeks, but also monthly and quarterly an exclusive episode is released on Patreon. You can also get other exclusive bonus content including outtakes each month. If this has piqued your interest and sounds like something you’d like to learn more about, then why not join us every two weeks on Scottish Murders, or get a wee bit extra on our Patreon.

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A wee bit about Dawn

I’m Dawn, co- host, researcher, writer, editor and producer of Scottish Murders. I was born and lived on the west coast of Scotland until I was 25. While I enjoy listening to true crime stories from around the world, I have an even greater interest in murders that took place in Scotland or to Scottish people.  This is how the Scottish Murders podcast came about. I believe that every murder victim deserves to be remembered and this podcast aims to shine a light specifically on Scottish murder victims. So, if you have an interest in learning more about murders dedicated to people from or living in Scotland, read by me or Cole, then Scottish Murders is the podcast for Race.

A wee bit about Cole

Hey guys! My name is Cole, co-host of Scottish Murders. I am Dawn’s little sister and you know what they say, the first pancake never turns out quite how you want it. I grew up in the highlands but I moved to England when I was seven with my mum. Don’t worry though Dawn and I were reunited eventually and let me tell you we did not do well living together! I really love true crime I actually can’t fall asleep without listening to a true crime podcast, I really just can’t get enough… which may cause me some nightmares, but I will take that over having to listen to my own thoughts any day! I really hope you all love the Scottish Murders podcast and hopefully you will become part of our wee true crime family.

Scottish Murders can be found online, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. If you really enjoy what Dawn and Cole are doing you can buy them a coffee or subscribe to their Patreon.

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