Quite The Music

Quite The Music is a monthly trip down memory lane to the classic world of 100% pure pop music. 

 Host Gary Morris is joined by many special guests from the music industry to discuss their careers and back catalogues, stories from the road, and plans for the future. You hear about the history of their greatest hits, their musical inspirations and careers outside of the recording booths. 

This show is perfect for all of you that like your music with a smile on its face and the pop-cast allows you to hear from some of the biggest names in the British music scene If there are any stars you would like to hear from drop me a message and I’ll reach out to get them on the show.

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About Gary

Host Gary Morris has been recording and producing sports based podcasts on the Uk Top 20 podcast Heart & Hand for 4 years, and previously worked on Stirling University’s radio station Air3 1350 for 4 years at the turn of the millennium.

A self confessed super pop fan, Gary loves going to live gigs and cites Steps, A1, Erasure, Will Young and Kylie amongst his favourite artists.  A big fan of 80s and 90s music as a genre you will ding him at Let’s Rock the 80s music festival rocking an Adam Ant T-shirt just as much as in the front row at a Steps gig doing the full choreography to Tragedy.  He is also a big fan of musical theatre and Eurovision and plans to have special pods on these topics in the future with very special guests involved.  Quite The Music is a passion project for Gary to produce music based podcast content and any artists looking to promote new material or discuss their careers can contact him using the form below.

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