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From Quite The Thing Media

Interviews with independent podcasters and creators, industry leaders, creative thinkers and plenty of others in-between.

Telling their stories – without constraints.

Quite The Interview

We ask independent podcasters and creators eight simple questions:

  1. What is your podcast, how did it come about, and how long have you been going?
  2. What was the first podcast you ever listened to?
  3. How has your podcast changed/evolved?
  4. Any advice for anyone looking to get into podcasting…
  5. What other podcasts do you admire?
  6. If you could go back in time to one point in your life to talk to your younger self, where would you go and what would you say?
  7. What famous person would you love to interview?
  8. Finally, what is your favourite episode for people to check out?

Contact Quite The Interview using the Twitter link provided and drop us a DM if you would like to be considered for a future interview.

The Quite The Thing Media Team 🙂