Quite The Podcast Awards 2021

One of our missions when we launched the network was to try and engage with independent podcasters from all over the world and shine a light on the great content that creators are producing, sometimes with little-to-no support, and no real social proof that what they are doing is having an impact.

We worked tirelessly over the months to make sure we provided a platform that was fair and gave every single entry the opportunity to release trailers, snippets, or even full episodes on dedicated RSS feeds with an already engaged audience in their specific genres. Trying something new, trying to get our nominees real listens.

This lead us down a road that actually took us away from our audience – we forgot that listeners are the most important people to any podcast. Without an audience, without listeners, without fans – what is a podcast, or a podcast network?

We made the decision pretty early on in the process of organising and planning the awards that we would finish what we started (to the best of our abilities), and then move forward – away from the echo chamber, away from the void, away from the very thing that drove our decision to launch a podcast awards in the first place. We forgot about our listeners, and that was criminal.

There will not be a Quite The Podcast Awards 2022.

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Congratulations to all the winners

That UFO Podcast on Quite The Thing Media
That UFO Podcast
Gamers Watch Podcast on Quite The Thing Media
Gamers Watch
Rewind Movie - Quite The Podcast Award Winner
Rewind Movie Podcast
The Magnus Archives- Quite The Podcast Award Winner
The Magnus Archives
Cold War Conversations - Quite The Podcast Award Winner
Cold War Conversations
Drunk Theory - Quite The Podcast Award Winner
Drunk Theory
Cinematic Sound Radio - Quite The Podcast Award Winner
Cinematic Sound Radio
Voices For Justice - Quite The Podcast Award Winner
Voices For Justice

Find a full list of nominations available in our Press Kit