Virtual ceremony for independent podcasters

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celebrate independent creators

#QTPA2021 was started to shine a light on independent creators and the work, effort and commitment they show when producing shows in an ever-increasingly busy podcasting landscape.

There are eight award categories – all the winners and runners-up will have been 100% chosen and voted for by the public.

the Hosts &
guest speakers

(Podcasting legends)

British podcast network king

Jack Shaw

CEO & Founder
Quite The THing Media

Colin McMillan - COO & Co-founder at Quite The Thing Media

Colin McMillan

quite the thing media

Andy McGrillen

Creative Lead
Quite the thing media

Mark Asquith at #QTPA2021

mark asquith

at rebel base media

JJ Ramberg at #QTPA2021

JJ Ramberg

at Goodpods

What you will get

We have organised the virtual event that independent creators deserve. There will be laughs, advice, key-notes, music, prizes and most of all – a chance for the community to come together and give themselves some well deserved praise!




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The place

We are online!

Everyone can be part of #QTPA2021 – we’re going virtual! And we will be streaming it from all over the world. Get your tickets today and connect.

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