podcast father reviews: True Crime P.I.

Episode 1 Unidentified For 36 Years

Podcast Father Reviews True Crime P.I. on Quite The Thing Media

Dana has the knowledge

This episode covers the story of an unidentified female discovered in Cobb County GA in 1984. The intro music to this podcast fits perfectly. No more than 30 seconds in I realized Dana is completely legitimate, and has done her research. She goes into great detail, this helps paint the picture and puts you right in the crime scene. I literally felt like I was standing in/at the crime scene. 

Recording with friends and others makes podcasting easier. I’ve done a podcast solo, that is no easy task. Dana masters this with the greatest of ease. If you’re a fan of single host podcasts and true crime podcasts you WILL like this. If you think you aren’t a fan, you need to hit the reset button and give this a try. You will probably be surprised!

This is a GOOD True Crime indiepodcast. Again, Dana is WELL researched. The Facebook page provides further detail and allows interaction for those interested.

I’m a fan! Passionate thumb up 👍 from the #podcast_father.


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