podcast father reviews: The World Around Ewe

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Podcast Father Reviews The World Around Ewe on Quite The Thing Media

Urban Legend indeed

I am a frequent listener of this podcast, I enjoy it every time I listen. Jack shares various urban legends that will get your mind wondering, while giving you a great laugh. 

No need for any fancy editing on this podcast. Jack keeps it simple, the focus is solely on the content. Extremely creative content may I add.. So creative I’m not sure how he comes up with all this stuff? Maybe it’s best I don’t know. I’ll just continue to call him the King of Urban Legend. These urban legend are way better than that crappy movie made several years ago. 

Every single episode of this podcast will make you laugh. I guarantee you’ll recognize the amazing creativity Jack has. He’ll even mention he can sell you some ‘bad taxidermy.’ 

Check this pod out, you’ll enjoy The World Around Ewe. Definitely a thumb up 👍 from the #podcast_father. 

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