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Dedication vs Motivation

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The Mile You’re In

Dedication vs Motivation

Phil is running down a dream

I recently listened to the Mile You’re In podcast. Just reading the episode description I was worried I’d be listening to some cheesy attempt at being an inspirational podcast. Almost immediately I could tell how authentic Phil is! In this episode he discusses the difference between Dedication and Motivation. Even though they’re different you need both to accomplish the goals you seek. His delivery and the music playing in the back ground are upbeat. Also, Phil is very relatable.

The best part of this podcast is you can tell how motivating it’s for Phil to make the pod. If you’re feeling down in the dumps, tired, lacking motivating or just want to listen to something that will put you in a good mood- I suggest this podcast. The Mile You’re In is a great pick-me-up! Running down a dream, that never would come to me, working on making sure this podcast isn’t a mystery! Thumb up 👍for Phil Patterson Jr, or what I like to call him PPJ.

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