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Podcast Father Reviews The Manic Pixie Weirdo on Quite The Thing Media

I’ve listened to multiple episodes of this podcast and I really enjoy it. It’s very well produced and edited, but that by no means is what makes it awesome. 

This podcast slogan- Relationships, let’s talk about em quickly sums up the basics of the podcast, but doesn’t paint the whole picture of how great this podcast is. 

Abigail’s tone, demeanor and personality are so chill it makes for a comfortable listening experience. She maintains this, which is fascinating because the conversations can go from humorous, sad to very serious. 

This same personality I mention also makes her and every epsiode very relatable. 

Various topics discussing her/our relationships with numerous subject manner makes this podcast a great weekly listen. Also, Abigail and this pod have the ability to make everyone feel appreciated and understood.

Lastly, she’s a great person who has the best interest of the indiepodcast community at heart. Constantly promoting and supporting other podcasters. She now has a mini episode on Wednesdays promoting other indiepodcasts. 

Great indiepodcast that will for sure become much more. Two thumbs up 👍 👍 from the #podcast_father.

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