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podcast father reviews: The Link w/ Mike Szego

Episode 8

Podcast Father Review

Mike’s the missing link

A few days ago I listened to this episode of the  podcast. I didn’t know what to expect, but it didn’t take long to realize Mike is a tv and film buff. He had valid points in regard to the struggles writers have when developing and maintaining characters. He then took a deep dive into a discussion on when should tv shows should end? Does a good ending make up for several seasons of subpar television? To finish things off he covered in great detail the ending to the show Shameless.

You can tell how much passion he has about what he’s talking about, and that’s what makes it interesting. I have no doubt in mind that carries over to any topic he discusses.

If you want an insightful podcast that covers the fine details of television you need to check this podcast out! Thumb up for the link.

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