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Women and Weed Brownies

Podcast Father Reviews Stoner Chicks Podcast on Quite The Thing Media

Coolest chicks in town!

The Podcast starts out with the most hilarious intro song, this sets the comedic scene of things to come. The Stoner Chicks- Grace, Kayla, Phoebe, and Stephani have chemistry that feels as if they’ve all been life long friends. Maybe they have? Certainly seems to be the case!

The show is segmented perfectly. Each segment contains interesting stories, facts and plenty of hilarious moments. Of course every once in a while they must take a moment to.. Get stoned!!

They do a great job of introducing individuals related to their subject manner that make/made a positive impact in the world. While also sharing funny news stories that relate. 

Overall this a chill, laid-back pod that is a very fun listen. These are definitely the people you hear in the podcasting world that you wish you could hang out with. I have no doubt they’re the coolest chicks in town! Flash back from over 15 years ago- Go home, Get stoned, and listen to the Stoner Chicks Podcast! BIG thumb up 👍 from the #podcast_father. 


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