podcast father reviews: Riddle Me That! True Crime

The disappearance of Amy Fitzpatrick Pt One

Podcast Father Reviews Riddle Me That! True Crime on Quite The Thing Media

Just got done listening to this pod! First off, to my surprise Shayna joined the show and I was introduced to another podcast that sounds great- You Should Have Ghosted. 

For this episode of Riddle Me That! True Crime Jules covered the disappearance of Amy Fitzpatrick. Their first goal (and most important one) was accomplished by introducing me to this case.

Jules tells the tragic story in such a manner it can bring any one to tears. 

She shares her honest opinion while explaining the facts of the case. Further information is available in the show notes. 

The best part of this podcast is Jules passion and the mission she’s trying to achieve. By the end of this episode you feel that raw emotion for the victim and will find yourself frequently following up to see if there are any updates in the case.. AND you’ll be sharing the case with others. 

Jules and team have built a great thing and are cementing their place at the top of the Indiepodcast True Crime scene. Two thumbs up 👍👍 from the #podcast_father.

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