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Episode 20: Power Hour – “Field of Dreams”

Podcast Father Reviews Pacfic Sports Talk Radio on Quite The Thing Media

Much improved guys!

I previously attempted to review an episode and decided to hold off and challenged these guys to come up with something containing more substance. They accepted the challenge and recorded this video where hey discuss their thoughts/feelings on the sports movie Field of Dreams. 

The guys did a much better job with this one. They go into detail of how they felt about various scenes and characters and why they felt that way. The fact the one had seen the film previously and the other hadn’t made this more interesting. 

They’re good guys who deserve the support from the indiepodcast community. Thumb up 👍 from me. 

They have been posting their show exclusively on YouTube, however their next episode (& moving forward) will be available via most podcast platforms. More to come from these guys!

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