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Podcast Father Reviews MacGregor Movie Talk on Quite The Thing Media

I listened to this specific episode twice because I was worried I was too distracted the first time. I’ll be honest, I enjoyed both listens. I still have absolutely no idea what this move is but was visualizing it throughout the listen. Ian and Nicole work great together and both serve their purpose. Nicole does play by play describing the film (& makes some hilarious comments while doing so) while Ian spends his time dropping devastatingly funny jokes about the film and antagonizes Nicole the whole time lol. 

The movie they reviewed seems like the drizzling sh*** but these two are hilarious and did a great job explaining how terrible the movie is. So great, that now I have to watch the movie just to experience it! I’m definitely looking forward to future episodes! There has to be an unlimited amount of crappy movies, right?

Great work you two, thumb up 👍 from your friendly neighborhood #podcast_father. 

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