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Sharon is a C**t… In Bed [ft. JJ Whitehead]

Podcast Father Reviews Girl Interrupter on Quite The Thing Media

Controversy creates cash

How the hell have I never heard of this podcast?! Ah man, let me start off by saying this pod isn’t for sensitive people. 

The first thing that jumped out at me was the guest on the show- comedian JJ Whitehead. Shayna did more than hold her own in the presence of an experienced comedian. She’s quick, witty and has impeccable timing/delivery. Absolutely no filter, nothing held back comedy. 

This is a well produced podcast, incredible filters and editing. Take that into account with the comedic performance of Shayna, you have a must listen to controversial podcast. You know what they say about controversy? It creates cash. This pod will take it’s spot on your Playlist just like it has on Apples charts! TWO thumbs up for Girl Interrupter 👍👍.

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