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Episode 5 Hecklers Gonna Heckle

Podcast Father Reviews As Unfake As It Gets on Quite The Thing Media

Nick & Muff fake or real?

I listened to this podcast earlier. The intro music went on for a while and when the episode started I was unsure what would happen. Of course I had read the description but had no idea how this would be delivered. They nailed the intro out of the park! Nick then proceeded to drop the ultimate honest bomb about how some new podcasters act. HILARIOUS & True he pointed out how after a few episodes some podcasts think they know everything about podcasting.

However, the highlight of the episode was them discussing Kevin Durant’s dispute with Michael Rapaport. I literally laughed out loud multiple times. If Kevin were to hear this he’d have a burner Twitter account ready to engage. Honestly, after a very rough day listening to this podcast turned things around for me. These two have a different dynamic they bring to podcasting, everyone should take note. Nick and Muff are the real deal,& As UnFake As it Gets! Thumb up 👍.

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