Quite The Thing Media


Quite The Thing Media is a podcast network built to bring you the best podcasts by independent creators

Founders, Jack and Colin, are both podcast fanatics! They have hosted and produced shows since 2017 on Heart and Hand (a top 50 Patreon network) and started Quite The Thing Media in February 2021 to curate and bring together the best and most innovative independent shows from around the world.

Since starting the UK-based podcast network, we have brought together a range of different podcasts from all over the world, and will continue to look for the best independent creators out there

Recent reviews of podcasts on the network

A fantastic delve into utter randomness led by the hilarious Jack and Knowledgeable Colin, 2 kids from opposing sides of the track joining forces to entertain the masses with facts and fiction
Matt and Jack take all the movie tropes you know and love as well as a healthy dose of improv to turn a different genre on its head each week.

More often then not the hosts end up apologising for the trailers they create, but not because of the production quality which is surprisingly good considering the couple of hours they have to work with. Instead they are apologising as the trailers are offensive, crude or downright disgusting, but they are always hilarious.
Love the interviews, as he always lets the guest speak and listens intently without interrupting. Also love the updates, superb overall podcast. Keep up the great work!
I love these guys. The episodes are always entertaining and I genuinely enjoy and look forward to their skits every week. Ryan’s weekly update makes me laugh out loud at work every week. I love every bit of this show! Plus, it’s interactive! You can play the movie game along with them. Who doesn’t love that?!
I love the dynamic here! The hosts have such great chemistry and they cover lots of interesting cases. 100% binge worthy too. Highly recommend to any true crime fan!
Had no idea what I was in for before I pressed play, no regrets!!! Can’t wait for the remaining episodes!o doesn’t love that?!