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Episode 3- Losin it (1983)

Podcast Father Reviews The Booze Cruise Podcast on Quite The Thing Media

Boozin & Cruisin

I have listened to a few episodes of this podcast, I really enjoy the concept and delivery. 

Mark and Jamie enjoy a few beers while they discuss various Tom Cruise movies. The banter between these guys as they dip dive and tear apart the flaws of these films is funny. They have a true love for Tom Cruise, but also hilariously hold the filmmakers accountable. Until I listened to this pod I hadn’t thought about all the silly things happening in his movies. 

This is a super creative concept of a podcast, rare and special for sure. Sets them apart from a lot of other podcasts. Not to mention these guys are very entertaining. 

If you haven’t listened to this podcast I strongly encourage you to do so, you’ll enjoy it. If you enjoy a little bit of Booze and Tommy Cruise you’ll find yourself at home. 

Definitely a big ole thumb up 👍 from the #podcast_father.

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