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Episode: The Bar

Podcast Father reviews The Malliard Report on Quite The Thing Media
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I started listening to The Malliard Report podcast during the mandatory stay at home order last year. I liked this podcast so much I started listening every week! Absolutely amazing thing Jim has built. A new episode every Tuesday with entertaining guests. Oh, I almost forgot to mention, the audience can interact with the host, guest and each other.. LIVE! A great quality podcast that every Podcaster should learn from and every human being should listen to! “Controversial Yet Controversial indeed! 

You may have noticed “The Bar” at the beginning of this review.. Why, you may ask? Because Jim sets The Podcast Bar! You must check out the King of Podcasts- THE MALLIARD REPORT!! Join the experience live every Tuesday, in the duck pond! The highest rating I can possibly give-


podcast father on quite the thing media

Podcast Father

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