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Podcast Father Reviews Nerdy People Play D&D on Quite The Thing Media

Bond together by Nerdiness

I recently navigated around a pretty cool website, nerdythingspod.com and found myself listening to a nerd infested podcast. These group of friends just happened to be playing the nerdiest thing possible.. D&D! About 2 seconds into this episode I realized how funny they are. Next thing I know I’m laughing, and visualizing myself inside the game playing with them! Very light hearted, these friends banter is the best part of the podcast. Not to mention I learned a thing or two about the nerdiest game ever made. For a good laugh and an appreciation for D&D you need to check this pod out! “Hands on her hips for a job well done.” In the far reaches of the world, under a lost and lonely hill, lies the Nerdy People Play D&D.

Definitely a thumbs up.

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