Player 456: A Squid Game Podcast

The UK’s first and original Squid Game Podcast

Player 456 is an unofficial podcast about Netflix’s South Korean mega-hit TV series: Squid Game, made by two Scottish fans of the show. Hosts Jack and Colin take a deep dive into the nine episode series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk. They will discuss their love for the show, why they think it has taken over television, grabbed millions of people’s attention and engage with the listeners in their trademarked “Questions. Queries. Theories” section of the show.

Warning: contains Squid Game spoilers

Seong Gi-hun (Player 456) is a degenerate and in masses of debt. He is offered the chance to win a huge cash prize – all he needs to do is compete alongside 455 other players in some children’s games. Some of these games will bring back memories of the games you might have enjoyed in the playground at school. There are shades of Battle Royale, The Hunger Games and The Running Man and it is, quite simply: brilliant.

Like the show, our podcast covers mature themes such as: extreme violence, murder, self-harm, suicide, sex and strong language. This might not be one for the children and, obviously, we recommend watching the show on Netflix before listening to this.

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A Squid Game Podcast
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