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Podcast / March 12, 2021


There is no worse film ever made; Would that it never existed.

derekcurrie 24 October 2011

It physically nauseates me to watch this grotesque horror of cinematography. What puts the bowel movement icing on the cake is that it was nominated for several awards and actually won two of them. More than any other film in existence, this film proves the inherent disease of bad taste running rampant in what we call ‘Hollywood’. There has been no more unpardonably bad film ever made. J.M Barrie, author of the eternally classic Peter Pan, will be spinning in his grave until this catastrophe of bad ideas is wiped from human memory. I’d give ‘Hook’ a negative star rating if it would cause this fetid celluloid abomination to be sucked into a black hole and deleted from time. Watching ‘Plan 9 From Outer Space’ would be a relief…. You get the idea. ;-D

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This is a pain

Ebm123 25 January 2021

Pseudo-intelligent, boring movie with non-attractive actors (except for talented Joseph Gordon-Levitt who was put in this trash by mistake as he deserves better roles). That was a real torture to watch this to the end.

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Total Recall One Star Movie Reviews

Stop putting stupid pointless female nudity into everything.

Reubenhersh 28 November 2020

Stop putting stupid pointless female nudity into everything.

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This will make you feel bad

Texxas-1 4 March 2019

I thought this would be a cool science fiction film from the 90s, it turned out to be creepy, disturbing and vile. Arnolds character does not come across as a nice guy. I hated all the characters, the ones that weren’t bad were just creepy. Theres this one creepy scene where a man has a little mini me grown on his chest, like a beast baby. This beast baby is shot in the head. It’s almost like watching areal baby be splattered to death. It’s really horrible. I had nightmares after watching this and I felt bad after this.

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Mrs Doubtfire

Ridiculous and unfunny – One Star Movie Reviews

DavidYZ 20 April 2017

This sentimental nonsense isn’t realistic. Its attempts at humour are pathetically lame. The plot is preposterous – a divorced father pretends to be a woman in order to be employed as a housekeeper in the house of his ex-wife and their children. As if none of them would notice that it’s him!

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Pretentious and pointless

Mlee-reclaw 14 August 2020

One Star Movie Reviews – What is wrong with film makers these days? Why does a movie have to be told in reverse chronologically? It’s confusing and it’s boring. There is nothing good about this movie.

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Shutter Island

Hated it

Dorisa1989 15 April 2019

Completely pointless waste of time.

Hated the ominous music.

Hated the war flashbacks that didn’t do anything AT ALL for the story.

Hated the big twist that wasn’t – come on – we all knew where this was heading.

I can’t believe people like this crap.

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Sydny_walters 25 February 2021

Warning: Spoilers

(Spoiler) It’s just boring. Not necessary to go further. It’s a trash movie just don’t waste your time. JACK DIES!!!!

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Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind

My dog loved it.

Randiabradley 20 December 2020

Warning: Spoilers

This movie was a journey into the darpest deepest abiss into the human soul. The color of Clem’s hair throughout the movie seems to Carrie a deeper meaning into the chaotic emosions of the human being. I identified as the orange color the most. I have never in my twenty years of movie, seen such a colorful movie. In honor of this movie, I died my dogs fur orange, the color of a Clem’s hair. My died dog cried.

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Hard to Kill

Hard to watch

Ogdendc 6 February 2013

… There is no humour in this film, no understanding of how ridiculous it is. Unless you count the unintentional humour of “I’m gonna take you to the bank – the blood bank!” …

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Finding Nemo – One Star Movie Reviews?

WAY too intense for young ones

Vinny-28 5 June 2003

If your idea of family entertainment is a nonstop series of intense action sequences–almost getting eaten by a shark, almost getting eaten by another fish, almost being eaten by jellyfish, being eaten by a whale–then go ahead and sit through this headache of quick cuts, loud sound effects, and screaming characters. You know, you could cut out half of these cliffhanger sequences and give us some characterization or some sweet memorable moments. Now THAT would be a good family film. This is the most visually striking of all Pixar movies, and the most disappointing as a family entertainment. Pass this one up if you have younger children, please!

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