Wrong Term Memory On Quite The Thing Media

Wrong Term Memory

Wrong Term Memory is almost as good as an encyclopedia… One that hasn’t been particularly well proofread or spell-checked (kind of like Wikipedia). Jack & Colin will teach you something you definitely didn’t know when you started listening. Jack has a terrible memory. Colin reads a headline and often guesses the rest. Therefore, at times, they will get help from the more sensible, sagacious people in their lives. With, or without assistance, they guarantee to improve your memory – at least in the short-term – for the wonderfully pointless things in life.

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A Squid Game podcast

Player 456: A Squid Game Podcast

Player 456 is an unofficial podcast about Netflix’s South Korean mega-hit TV series: Squid Game, made by two Scottish fans of the show. Hosts Jack and Colin take a deep dive into the nine episode series created by Hwang Dong-hyuk. They will discuss their love for the show, why they think it has taken over television, grabbed millions of people’s attention and engage with the listeners in their trademarked “Questions. Queries. Theories” section of the show.

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Tunes FM - Glasgow's Premier Pirate Radio Station

Tunes FM

The lost tapes from Glasgow’s premier pirate radio station have been found in Jack’s mum’s loft and have been ripped to mp3 so they could be released as a podcast every Tuesday. Twelve tapes in all were found in the loft. It all started so well until Jack got in some legal battles with Clyde 102.5 over certain frequency modulations and the lawful ability to broadcast Makina, hardcore and bouncy tunes to the Glaswegian masses.

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What A Manoeuvre on Quite The Thing Media

What A Manoeuvre

Join wrestling fanatics Simon and Kev as they discuss the glory days of pro wrestling, reviewing old shows, the stars and the events that shaped the era. They’ll dip in and critique the current product and with your help the burning questions worth answering!

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Quite The Music on Quite The Thing Media

Quite The Music

Quite The Music is a monthly trip down memory lane to the classic world of 100% pure pop music.  Host Gary Morris is joined by many special guests from the music industry to discuss their careers and back catalogues, stories from the road, and plans for the future. You hear about the history of their greatest hits, their musical inspirations and careers outside of the recording booths. 

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