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Gamers Watch Podcast is an Award Winning Xbox Gamepass podcast following Harry and Shaun as they game their way through lockdown. 

Each week tune in to hear the guys discuss all the latest Xbox news, reviews of the latest games to hit the Gamepass service & the latest misadventures within Sea of Thieves. 

Join in and try to decipher the lunacy of Game in 60 seconds as Harry and Shaun leave increasingly ridiculous clues to well known games such as “That Jamaican bloke loves Texas Hold ‘Em” and “That shoe isn’t very bright is it?” 

With regular interviews and Q&A’s with game developers the Gamers Watch crew are always looking to get an inside look at what Xbox are doing to move video games forward in this 9th generation of consoles .

Join the boys and often some friends for all our Gamers Watch News and we hope you enjoy our show.

Quality Content & Audio. Love me some British accents too. Great banter, conversations and funny topics and stories. Good dudes going great things.