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Hello all and welcome to Gamers Watch. If you have not heard of us before then we are two bumbling idiots who talk their way through an Xbox Game Pass focused podcast each week. We say Xbox Game Pass focused because our favourite pastime is to go completely off the rails at every available chance.

Alongside the usual Xbox Game Pass chatter we also like to switch things up with multiple segments. Game in 60 Seconds sees us coming up with the most awful clues and riddles to game titles. Game Pass or Play is our version of a book club but slightly more fun as it involves games instead of books. From the vast library of Xbox Game Pass games we play through one or two each episode to give it a Pass or a Play rating. Finally we have Enter the Quantrix, a segment where Shaun pitches a game design idea he has worked tirelessly on and Harry rips it all to shreds in roughly two minutes. It is great fun!

Of course a show is nothing without its community and boy do we have a great one! We love our community so much that we let them take the reins with our bi-weekly community days (it is absolutely not because we just can not be arsed to come up with ideas ourselves). Each community day allows all of our lovely listeners to vote on what Game Pass or Play game we play next, delve deep into the latest community topic, and just in case Shaun doesn’t quite reach crying point on the show we also hold an Enter the Quantrix vote where the community gets a chance to join in with Harry’s ripping. Again, great fun!

 Keep on listening and keep on gaming!

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About Gamers Watch


Hi, I’m Harry, Co Host / Producer / Sound Director / Researcher for The Gamers Watch Podcast

I’ve known Shaun for 15 years at this point and liked him for roughly 5 of those

I love talking. And having a platform that allows me to talk with my best friend about something I love and for it to bring enjoyment to other people is a dream!

In our short time we’ve won a few awards, made a lot of friends and seen our show grow to levels we didn’t think possible!

Thank you for taking the time to read this. Keep on listening


Hey hey! I’m Shaun from the little ol’ town of Torquay, England. I have a love of gaming that started all the way back with spamming the spacebar on my Thomas the Tank Engine game and jumping and wumping my way through Crash Bandicoot. Since no one else in my family can stand a gaming chin wag and my social skills are about as developed as Cyberpunk 2077 on launch, I decided to talk into a mic with Harry for Gamers Watch.

I have known Harry now for 15 years and he has only liked me for about 5 of those. We have had multiple ventures together from a god awful podcast called Press Play to an indie studio named Curiosity Studios. Gamers Watch has been the first that many have seemed to really enjoy which takes some getting used to because no one usually enjoys anything remotely related to me…not even relatives.

Since beginning Gamers Watch in December 2020 we have already received several awards, grown our own little gaming cult community, and been welcomed into others. It has been a truly tremendous ride. To feel like I’m involved and having an impact in the wonder that is the games industry has always been my one and only dream. The Gamers Watch community and the gaming community as a whole has not only helped me show what I can do but also lifted me back up whenever my motivation has been slacking.

It is something I can never thank everyone enough for and can only hope that this wonderful journey continues for many years to come. Keep on gaming.

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