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Take a Deep Dive with us! We are three friends that cover our favorite properties across movies, TV, and video games — All in one place. We’re 3 career nerds that remember the 80’s, 90’s, and 00’s so there’s a lot of ground to cover.

This isn’t a top 10 list kind of show, this is a conversation driven format where we’re joined by friends and celebrities alike to talk about the media that made us and why they should remain relevant. Millennial history covers a lot of time and we’re here to make sure that it doesn’t get buried.

We live in what we’ve called “Neo-Retro,” a balance of yesterday’s hits while still living in the present.

New episodes weekly on Monday & Wednesdays!

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About Mark, Joe and Chelsea

Mark Behncke & Joe Vinopal founded Digital Dissection: A Nerd Podcast after 7 years of discussing their favorite topics over the phone. They’d finally decide to take a mountain of ideas and begin putting them into a format designed to share their knowledge of their favorite properties.

After the show’s first 30 episodes, Chelsea Kau would join as Co-Host bringing new perspectives to the format and breathing fresh air into the topics and discussion.

Joe is a career nerd interested in Sci-fi, Mech-Suits, and all things Superman & Star Trek. Together with his older brother, they build numerous models and custom figures which occasionally enter national competitions.

Chelsea began her nerd career playing The Legend of Zelda alongside her mother, evolving into other RPGs like Dragon Quest, World of Warcraft, and Mass Effect. Along with her husband, they both continue to play their favorite genres and are beginning to launch their Twitch presence.

Mark would grow up in a household that lived through video games whether console or PC based. From the original Nintendo to modern gen platforms, Mark is an achievement hunter and a full-time movie buff — a past time he and his father share together. His interests are far reaching and sample everything Fantasy, Sci-Fi, and Superheroes have to offer.

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