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Crime and Compulsion

Dive into the darker side of humanity but from the safety of your own couch.

Crime and Compulsion is a Serial Killer/True Crime podcast started by husband and wife team Ben & Karen. Join them bi-weekly as they delve into the minds and heinous acts of serial killers and other true crimes, locally and worldwide. If you have a passion for true crime, this is the podcast for you.

Ben and Karen will delve deep into the mind of serial killers, heinous murderers, unsolved mysteries, and true crime investigations. They are fascinated by aberrant behaviour and the path of twisted perception.  If all you do is read about crime, if you have serial killer posters in your bedroom, if you’re hiding newspaper article clippings under your bed… don’t be concerned. Ben and Karen share your compulsion. You’re at the right place.

5 stars all around , I legitimately love the way the content is presented in this show, not only that but the topics are right down my alley! I look for the flow and overall organization of a show, and this is so put together. So far I have loved every single episode and just heard the most recent. Great job you two!

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