Squid Game

Squid Game Podcast One Lucky Day

One Lucky Day

One Lucky Day: Squid Game episode 9. “When we were kids, we would play just like this, and our moms would call us in for dinner. But no one calls us anymore.” If I’m being honest, there’s a lot about the season finale of Squid Game that’s below the show’s average. I didn’t much care …

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Squid Game Podcast Front Man

Front Man

Front Man: Squid Game Episode 8. It’s the shortest episode of Squid Game by some way, but the show’s eighth instalment, “Front Man,” is full of deaths that matter. With only one episode to go, perhaps that was to be expected. Every remaining death means something, because every remaining character is a major one. There’s …

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Squid Game Podcast VIPS


Squid Game episode 7: VIPS. Episode seven is called “VIPS,” and it begins with a close-up of Ali’s face before the gift-box casket closes on him. The camera zooms out after the box closes and cuts to a monitor in the control room as the Front Man gets a call revealing that the intruder is …

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