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What are Co-Labs? A round table discussion

Quite The Thing Media Co-founders Jack & Colin invite a couple of hosts and producers of independent podcasts on the network to discuss Co-Labs in a little bit more detail.

Scott from Spyhards and Harry from Gamers Watch join us to explain in a little bit more detail what Co-Labs are; what they entail; what benefits there are to engaging with us; who they are for, and what Quite The Thing Media need in return.

Find Spyhards here: https://www.spyhards.com/ 

Find Gamers Watch here: https://linktr.ee/gamerswatchpodcast 

Please, feel free to get in contact using the links below.

Web: www.quitethethingmedia.com/co-labs 

Email: co-labs@quitethethingmedia.com 

Co-Labs are hosted on Captivate.fm – The World’s Only Growth-Oriented Podcast Host.

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