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#QTPA2021 – The Nerd Blitz w/ Doom And Fitz

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Episode 111: Smelling Dinosaur Farts

In this episode, we are back with that lovely and wacky brand of insanity known as us talking and being catty as all fuck and such to each other…look, I know it’s wordy, but that’s what it’s known as, look it up.

We kick things off with a Fat Fuck Corner about some weird British bread made with beer and whatnot, and an adorable brand new baby that’s about to make his debut on the scene with the Family Fitz.

Once we calm down a bit, we talk to some interdimensional beings (in point of fact) about pyramids, black holes, dark matter/energy/gravity, the dark underbelly of parallel universes, and so much more goofy shit that makes this one of our most fun episodes in awhile!

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