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#QTPA2021 – National Treasure Hunt

National Treasure Hunt Episode 12: Hunt for Facts 2.0

Which real moments in history inspired the storyline of National Treasure 2: Book of Secrets? “National Treasure Hunt” co-hosts Aubrey Paris and Emily Black follow the clues to separate fact from fiction. If you enjoy this episode, check out Episode 2, the original Hunt for Facts, to learn about the history that inspired the first National Treasure film.

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National Treasure Hunt is the biweekly podcast taking an ocular device to the National Treasure film franchise. Co-hosts Aubrey Paris and Emily Black examine the films from perspectives ranging from film studies to science, history to ethics, music to literature, and so much more. Plus, in special bonus episodes, you’ll learn behind-the-scenes facts about the production of National Treasure straight from the franchise creators themselves.


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