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Bryan and Tom – Bicoastal Boozecast

In the chair today – Bryan and Tom, co-hosts and producers from the Bicoastal Boozecast podcast. 

One drink, one topic. Tom, located on the East Coast, and Bryan, on the West, former work friends, join forces bi-weekly to try a new drink and discuss a related pop culture topic.If you’re looking for an insightful discussion on the shambling undead with a Zombie, or a friendly disagreement about the Best Bond paired with martinis, or a fond retrospective of the Coen brothers with a white Russian or two, Bicoastal Boozecast allows you all the fun of bar-based eavesdropping with no cover charge and no two drink minimum

Find them below:

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BCBoozecast

Web: https://bicoastalboozecast.buzzsprout.com/ 

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5. What other podcasts do you admire?

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7. What famous person would you love to interview?

8. Finally, what is your favourite episode for people to check out?

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