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1994 – The Best Year For Movies… Ever?

What Does SMH Mean? A Movie Podcast: 1994 – The Best Year For Movies… Ever?

Quite The Thing Media’s newest podcast features Stephen Purdon, Jack Shaw and Colin McMillan talking movies.

There will be guests, insider knowledge, nostalgia, trivia, bad language and laughter. Will the lads accept some of the one-star reviews from around the internet, or will it just make them angry that some people have internet access?

In this episode the guys discuss their favourite movies of 1994 and the best Scottish movies of all time. Stephen also provides some insight into working with Ken Loach and competing with Martin Compston for roles.

Check the podcast’s site and blog at whatdoessmhmean.com – every one-star review for every number one box-office movie of the 1990s.