About the Scottish podcast network

Jack and Colin founded Quite The Thing Media in January 2021 after both hosting and producing podcasts for the last five years on a Top 50 Patreon network, The guys launched their own podcast, Wrong Term Memory, in October 2020 and have since created others, such as What Does SMH Mean? A Movie Podcast, with the BBC’s Stephen Purdon coming on board. We also ran Quite The Podcast Awards 2021 – shining a light on independent creators.

Jack and Colin are lucky to know lots of talented producers and decided that a podcast network showcasing these content creators was the right move, and haven’t looked back since. They have been helped along the way with Andy (That UFO Podcast host and producer) and Jeff (Indie Podcaster host and producer) coming on board to help expand the network with their reach and also through engagement with some brilliant independent podcasts.

The Glasgow-based podcast network has shows from all over the world at the moment. Our goal is to expand, take risks, create engaging content, and try and redefine what an independent podcast network is – while all the time, putting our listeners and audiences first.

Quite The Thing Media is always looking for talented creators, producers and hosts. So if you want to join a podcast network, you can get in touch using the contact form below. We create podcasts that speak to you, but we want you to speak to us too.

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